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Book Three - Malt Loaf and the Tooth Fairy

Paperback book - 32 pages


In 'Malt Loaf and the Tooth Fairy', Malt Loaf is worried because she has a wobbly tooth.

In the third book of the series, Malt Loaf finds it difficult to eat because of her wobbly tooth. Great Aunt Sylvie explains that she is getting her grown up teeth and might get a visit from the tooth fairy when the tooth falls out. Malt Loaf gets excited about seeing the tooth fairy so puts the tooth under her haynet when she goes to sleep. In the morning Malt Loaf wakes up to a surprise. The ponies are later visited by the dentist for a check-up and the smaller ponies get a sticker because they were so good.

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Illustrations by Mair Perkins Ltd. Animation and Illustration