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New Children’s Book Series - Happy Ponies - to launch in June


Happy Ponies – a new series of children’s books – is due to launch 13th June, available exclusively through Amazon, with the first instalment entitled: ‘Sylvie and Friends’.

Inspired by ten real life ponies, Happy Ponies is a series of 20 children’s books written by first-time author, Gail Yardley and illustrated by Mair Perkins. The collection of books are aimed at children aged 5 to 7 years old and follow the adventures of Sylvie, Molly, Malt Loaf, Milly, Echo, Crunchy, Minstrel, Gypsy, Malcolm and Fred.

Gail Yardley, author and co-publisher of the series, penned the stories from her home on the Isle of Wight as she cared for her mother and terminally ill husband. Inspired by the beauty of the island, Gail was motivated to capture her observations of the characteristic ponies owned by co-publisher Nicola Murgatroyd. Author Gail partnered with Nicola after teaching her how to drive carriages pulled by the ponies and the pair hatched a plan to take the ponies out to schools and care homes as therapy ponies.


Happy Ponies Book One - 'Sylvie and friends'


Author: Gail Yardley

Gail said: “It is wonderful to be launching the ‘Happy Ponies’ series. It was a joy to write, and Nicola and I have had great fun publishing the first instalment of this series. Self-publishing the book has, at times, been a challenge but ultimately so rewarding. As a grandmother and great grandmother, children mean a great deal to me and so it was very important for me to give something back for children everywhere to enjoy.”

Each part of the Happy Ponies series aims to teach children important morals such as friendship, honesty and loyalty. In the first book ‘Sylvie and Friends’, we are introduced to the ten ponies who take us with them on their adventures. ‘Sylvie and Friends’ follows the ponies as they receive a visit from local school children.

‘Sylvie and Friends’ will be available to purchase from 13th June for just £6.99 exclusively through Amazon in either paperback or on Amazon Kindle.

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