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Malt Loaf and the Tooth Fairy out in time for Christmas


Isle of Wight author Gail Yardley, writer of the Happy Ponies series of children’s books, which launched earlier this year, has unveiled the latest instalment - ‘Malt Loaf and the Tooth Fairy’ – just in time for Christmas.

In the newest addition of the book series aimed at five to seven year olds, Malt Loaf, a pretty yet nervous pony finds herself in difficulty as she struggles with a wobbly tooth. With help from Great Aunt Sylvie and the other happy ponies, Malt Loaf discovers she is getting her grown up teeth and that she’ll soon be visited by the tooth fairy. Great Aunt Sylvie also proves to be a shining example of the importance of looking after teeth to the youngsters, when the Happy Ponies are visited by the dentist for their check-ups.

Self-published author, Gail Yardley, said: “We are very excited to announce the arrival of the third book in the Happy Ponies series. It’s wonderful to see another book come to life with more beautiful illustrations by Mair Perkins - the image of the sparkly tooth fairy is a particular favourite of mine. We’re already seeing the Happy Ponies series grow through our Amazon shop and several other stockists. We are also developing other merchandise including a sticker and jewellery collection, as well as the books themselves.”

Gail penned the stories from her home on the Isle of Wight, whilst caring for her mother and terminally ill husband. Gail was motivated to capture her observations of the friendly and sometimes mischievous ponies owned by her friend and co-publisher of the series, Nicola Murgatroyd.

Based on ten real life ponies, the series follows the adventures of Sylvie, Molly, Malt Loaf, Milly, Echo, Crunchy, Minstrel, Gypsy, Malcolm and Fred. Each story aims to teach children valuable moral lessons such as courage, loyalty, kindness and friendship.

‘Malt Loaf and the Tooth Fairy’ is available to purchase through Amazon and various stockists in the South of England. For more information about the Happy Ponies book series, which features other titles including ‘Sylvie and Friends’ and ‘Molly goes to the Beach’, visit

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